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Is Pain a Lion in your Life?


You are relaxing at home on the couch – your body systems are in balance…

Suddenly a big African lion leaps into the room. What would happen inside your body? To deal with this threat, your body systems react to … Read the rest

Sleep Hygiene



  • Set a sleep time (9-10pm goal)-total of 8-9 hours. Most people underestimate-keep a log.
  • Have a relaxing bedtime routine (need gradual calm of nervous system).
    • One hour before, start dimming lights, turn off the Computer/Phone/TV
    • Diaphragmatic breathing, relax, physiological
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Faribault Senior and Caregiver Expo-Oct 13th

Michelle Wieber is happy to be a participant in this years Expo! She will be happy answer any questions or concerns that you may have pertaining to pain or mobility that you are experiencing.

For more information visit them on … Read the rest

What is LSVT BIG ?


LSVT BIG is an intensive physical and occupational therapy program for people with Parkinsons Disease.  The program was developed by research that was funded by the National Institute of Health.  The exercises and activities are designed to re-train your body … Read the rest

Women’s Healthcare Program



We are proud to be one of only a handful of area practices offering a Women’s Healthcare Program. Our licensed professional staff has advanced training and a thorough understanding of women’s unique healthcare needs.

Women’s Healthcare Program

Wieber Physical … Read the rest

8 Satisfying Secrets of Happy People


 Adding these simple habits to your day may help boost happiness. Some people always seem to be cheerful and upbeat. So what’s their secret? Turns out, it isn’t having a load of money or a perfect body, home or job. … Read the rest

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