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Lifting Mechanics and Muscle Balance

By Jason Niemann

As a first year physical therapist, I am learning quickly just how many people lift with their backs.  We all know we should lift with our legs rather than our back, but what does this truly look

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Hello Yoga

By Megan Westling DPT, OCS, RYT

Yoga. There are a lot of misconceptions that go along with this word. Maybe you’re thinking: “I can’t do yoga since I’m not flexible” or “Yoga is just a fancy word for stretching”. In

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Stress – The Enemy?


By Amy Simmons PT, TPS

A co-worker suggested a TED talk, which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design.  This particular talk is from Kelly McGonigal about stress and after watching it and reading a little from her book,  I wanted

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Is Pain a Lion in your Life?


You are relaxing at home on the couch – your body systems are in balance…

Suddenly a big African lion leaps into the room. What would happen inside your body? To deal with this threat, your body systems react to

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