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Falls Prevention & Balance

What is Falls Prevention & Balance?

Each year one out of three people aged 65 or older will fall. If you are aged 65 or older, and have one or more of the common risk factors below, you may want to consider being evaluated for your risk for falls by your Wieber Physical Therapist.

  • General weakness
  • Bad vision
  • Previous history of falls/imbalance
  • Multiple prescription medications
  • Unstable blood pressure
  • Tripping hazards at home or elsewhere
  • Medical conditions that limit mobility

At Wieber Physical Therapy, our personable staff is highly trained in falls prevention and balance, and we make it our job to help you get back to feeling your best! Our goal is to guarantee you are treated through a hands-on approach following a customized treatment plan that is best for you. Once we’ve assessed the extent of your pain or injury, we will work with you to put together a treatment plan to help you return to your regular routine.

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