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Coming from Northern Germany, we have found just the very right therapist. Gitta had a car accident with brain injuries, and for those needs Dave Wieber’s golden hands are crucial for her everyday well-being.

-Gitta & Yogi R.

This place is wonderful! The staff was very helpful and understanding. Thank you to Greg Schroeder for getting me back on my feet.

-David T.

Matt has been instrumental I my progress since my knee surgery. I would not have advanced with my recovery as well as I have without Matt’s help.

-Fred M.

From the front desk to Dave Wieber a totally satisfying experience. Professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I couldn’t be more pleased with the therapy I received.

-David F.

I’ve been seeing Megan for a few years to deal with various conditions involving hips/legs. Megan has helped me remain an active walker with pain being much less which makes my life more comfortable and enjoyable. She’s been great to work with.

-Patricia G.

I’m so grateful my health care provider recommended Wieber Physical Therapy to me. Megan’s treatment and care of me has been invaluable. Her knowledge and professionalism are outstanding.

-Jane H.

I have received treatment from both Michelle and Ann. Michelle helped me with a foot injury that had actually led to several other issues throughout my body. Over the course of many months, she worked on each area and explained how everything was connected. When we got to my hands, she referred me to Ann for additional therapy. While working with Ann and Michelle, we were able to determine that the root cause of many of my injuries and pain have to do with instability caused by hyper-mobility in my joints. They did not just fix what was wrong but also helped me understand the why and the how so that I can take steps to protect and prevent future issues. My experiences with both Michelle and Ann have been nothing short of exceptional. Both of them took the time to get to know me as a person. They helped me figure out what ways that I can help myself heal from my injuries in addition to the care they each provided. Ann and Michelle are both extremely attentive, knowledgeable, and driven. They will not give up until they have solved the problem. If you want the best, look no further than Wieber Physical Therapy!

-Deni B.

I was referred to WPT by my doctor for help with my balance, headaches and back pain. I was able to be seen quickly. I found a very supportive atmosphere with professional, caring and competent therapists. My therapist Megan and I established a relationship. She stressed the importance of collaborately establishing written goals and monitoring progress and taught me the tools of self-management for better understanding the sources of pain in my body. The therapy has helped me to regain my balance and reduce my headache and back pain. Regular treatments were ensured by the front desk staff who took every measure to fit my needs. I have been very pleased with my experience at Wieber Physical Therapy and highly recommend them to anyone needing physical therapy.

-Jean H.

My experience with all the WPT Staff has been totally positive. Recovering from a hand surgery was more overwhelming than I realized. Having thought I knew what I was getting myself into only to realize that I didn’t, feeling lost at not having my hand to use for so long. Having Ann’s reassurance that all was well and helping me get my hand back was an amazing transition. She connected with me on more levels than just the Doctor saying Hi, bye, see ya next time. It was and still is a very emotional as well as physical therapy journey that I am on and Ann has been very tuned into me all the way. I am so thankful for her kind expertise.

-Susan M.

The therapists at Wieber Physical Therapy have changed my life. After being told I would never get better I have gained back most function and ability all because of their work with me.

-Raghav S.

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