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Thank You for a Great Physical Therapy Month!

By Jason Niemann, OTR, CWC Physical therapy month has come to an end and all of us here at Wieber Physical Therapy wanted to thank everyone for the fun month! This past month has been full of Facebook Live videos, snacks, and laughs! Michelle started the fun with her Facebook Live demonstration of how to strengthen your core while protecting your back: Part one:
Part Two:
Then Greg kept the excitement rolling with an in-depth look at the deadlift and how we can apply this to functional movements such as picking up the groceries or lifting the laundry basket:
Next, Jason talked about how our mindset can affect several other factors of our lives:
Finally, Megan challenged us with a few Yoga poses that can help our backs feel great:
Throughout the month, the front desk had fun fall snacks, witty jokes and great conservation. Thank you all for a great time! We had a lot of fun doing Facebook Live this month. If there is anything you want to see us talk about or demonstrate on Facebook Live, please let us know!

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