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What Did past Presidents Do to Stay Fit and Active?

It’s hard enough for most of us to find time in our day to work out, but can you imagine if you were the President? Taking some time out of your day for fitness – whether it’s a full workout, a light jog, or even a stroll down the street with your dog – is extremely important, even when you’re the President. Scroll down to learn how some of our past Presidents kept up their health while in office.


Barack Obama

When it comes to fitness, President Obama is most known for his skills on the basketball court, but he also made sure to get in 45 minutes of weight training and cardio every morning while in the White House.


George W. Bush

In his younger years, President George W. Bush ran the Houston Marathon in under four hours. In his later years, he spent a lot of time cycling and mountain biking. He was injured in 2004, during his time in office, after falling off his mountain bike attempting to finish a 16-mile course on his ranch in Texas.


Bill Clinton

President Clinton loved his morning jogs in short-shorts. His morning routine would often take him to McDonald’s to grab some drinks before heading back. He was serious about his jogging, so much so that the Secret Service needed a van to follow behind him to pick up agents who could not keep up.


George H.W. Bush

Golf is normally a slower sport, but not if you were with President George H.W. Bush. He loved golfing, and would add extra cardio to his game, essentially turning the leisurely game into speed-golf. H.W. Bush is in the World Golf Hall of Fame.


Ronald Reagan

He was an actor before getting into politics, so President Reagan knew how important health and fitness was. He was a fitness nut and followed a very intense workout program to stay in shape after he was nearly assassinated in 1981.



If you want to know about some presidents before Reagan, you can read about them at our source for this blog, here.

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