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What is LSVT BIG ?


LSVT BIG is an intensive physical and occupational therapy program for people with Parkinsons Disease.  The program was developed by research that was funded by the National Institute of Health.  The exercises and activities are designed to re-train your body and your brain to execute bigger, smoother movement patterns.  The certified LSVT BIG therapists will teach you how to “THINK BIG” and master challenging activities of daily living.  The LSVT BIG program provides a foundation of exercises for better posture, better flexibility, better movements and better balance!  Bigger movements for Parkinsons patients will translate into normal movements.  Exercise is medicine!


At Wieber Physical Therapy our LSVT BIG nationally certified physical and occupational therapists will guide you in relearning  new skills blending exercise  with functional everyday activities.  The exercises are standardized but the everyday activities are selected by the patient and therapy team based on what the patient states as their biggest concerns or challenges  in performance areas at home, work or out in the community.


The treatment consists of:

*  16 sessions- four days a week for four weeks

* Individualized one hour therapy sessions

* Daily exercise and practice activities for home

* A personalized plan of care that is tailored to each patient

Admission to the program is by physician referral.  Our business office can help you determine insurance coverage.

For more information visit the LSVT BIG website.



The LSVT BIG program at Wieber Physical Therapy  is part of a suite of therapy solutions for Parkinsons disease offered at our clinic.  We want to partner with you in this journey and be a resource to you.  You must believe that you are a healthy  person who happens to have Parkinsons . Please call us at 507-333-2986 if you have questions about the LSVT BIG program. We would be happy to schedule a phone consultation with one of our certified physical or occupational therapists to answer questions.



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