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Is our Women’s Healthcare Program right for you?


By Michelle Wieber PT, ATC

We are proud to be one of only a handful of area practices offering a Women’s Healthcare Program. Our licensed professional staff has advanced training and a thorough understanding of women’s unique healthcare needs.


Bringing your body back into balance through hands-on physical therapy.


Here is a brief overview of our Women’s Healthcare Program.

Incontinence treatment – Our incontinence treatment includes a complete evaluation, detailed health history, biofeedback assessment, pelvic and abdominal muscle exam, suggested lifestyle changes and exercise training.

Osteoporosis treatment and prevention – Exercise has been proven to help improve bone density whether you have osteopenia or the beginning of osteoporosis. Strengthening is one of the keys to maintaining an upright posture and keeping you on your feet.

Carpal tunnel and repetitive-strain injuries – Women can develop strain injuries in their wrists, forearms, and shoulders from repetitive use. Utilizing the proper types of treatments in the early stages of an injury can speed along the healing process.

Pelvic pain treatment – A thorough evaluation can determine if muscles and joints in the surrounding areas are contributing to the pelvic floor pain. We can assess and treat these problems, improving symptoms and functions.

Pre and post pregnancy care – Many women experience lower back or mid back pain during pregnancy. Some women have neck pain and develop symptoms of carpal tunnel. During pregnancy you can find relief with exercise, manual therapy, and use of braces.


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