Wieber Physical Therapy Internships

Physical therapy internships at Wieber Physical Therapy offer a fast paced, hands-on environment. Students are expected to manage a moderate caseload and will be provided one hour for an evaluation and thirty minutes for subsequent/follow-up appointments.

You’ll learn insight into balancing patient needs with regulatory requirements. We’ll also review how payer expectations should be considered with the development of each patient’s treatment plan. Along with your Clinical Instructor, you will learn how to accurately predict expected number of visits and assess functional outcomes for a variety of patient conditions.

Clinical Experiences

  • Clinical experiences /internships at Wieber Physical Therapy are open only to students in a PT program.
  • High School / PTA or pre-PT students may inquire about job shadowing / observation hours: please contact Cindy Nawrocki:

Wieber Physical Therapy provides every student with an advanced, high level clinical experience. The internship will prepare you for employment in a fast-paced orthopedic clinical setting that focuses on outstanding clinical care and excellent customer service. Our goal is to help students enter the physical therapy profession with a strong clinical background, ethical and effective decision-making skills and a highly professional behavior.


Objectives of an Wieber Physical Therapy Internship

  1. Clinical
  • Entry-level applicants start with orthopedic evaluation and treatment
  • You will manage a moderate caseload with consistent time-management involving evaluations and subsequent visits
  • You will determine discharge criteria and accurately predict expected number of visits and functional outcomes with assistance from a clinical instructor.
  • You will be trained to become a critical decision-maker
  • You will become familiar with various treatment techniques and specialties
  1. Personal/Professional
  • Interns will display professional behavior with exceptional maturity
  • You will learn to become a mature decision-maker
  1. Ethical
  • As an Wieber Physical Therapy intern, you will develop legal, moral, and ethical decision-making skills while finding a balance between patient needs, regulatory requirements and expectations of those who pay for services


Student Expectations

We prefer to take students in their final internships. We are a fast-paced orthopedic clinic and have high expectations for students with regards to evaluation, treatment and documentation. We expect professional behavior, appearance and excellent overall presentation. We prefer students who have a strong orthopedic/sports medicine background or interest.