Open Positions

Working at Wieber

At Wieber Physical Therapy, we promote a high performance team culture across our entire practice. This is defined by characteristics such as shared purpose, commitment, involvement, communication, trust, process orientation, and continuous improvement.

Every Wieber Physical Therapy team member understands that we strive to balance 5 keys to success:

  1. Contribution to a high performance work team culture.
  2. Provision of outstanding clinical care as measured by patient outcomes.
  3. Delivery of extraordinary customer service.
  4. Building meaningful relationships with patients, clients, referral sources, and the community.
  5. Personal growth and professional development of our staff.

Our core purpose is to keep individuals moving and active and healthy.

As a therapy practice we are driven by the triple aim of:

  1. Better outcomes
  2. Better patient experience
  3. Lower cost