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Just Move.


By Amy Simmons, PT, TPS

In treating my patients with persistent pain and actually any pain, I have seen the incredible benefits that come from getting people moving.  Even a small amount of aerobic exercise makes a huge difference.

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Lifting Mechanics and Muscle Balance

By Jason Niemann

As a first year physical therapist, I am learning quickly just how many people lift with their backs.  We all know we should lift with our legs rather than our back, but what does this truly look

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Do you suffer Headaches?

face-1013520_640By Dave Wieber, PT, ATC, MTC

We see many headaches here at Wieber Physical Therapy.  They are stemming from 3 main categories: migraine headaches, muscle tension headaches, and mechanical headaches.

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A Royal Pain in the Thumb


By Ann Dahl, OTR, CWC

Thumb pain can be caused by a variety of conditions affecting the joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles of the hand.  Osteoarthritis of the thumb is one of the more common conditions to cause significant

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